House JUTING has been setting up warm, energy-saving prefabricated homes for Slovenian families for 22 years. When building your house, we guarantee high quality at competitive prices that is being confirmed by the satisfaction of our customers.

In addition to prefabricated construction, our civil/construction engineers advise you on the design of your home and offer support in the process of obtaining a building permit. We carry out the framework to the construction phase in accordance with your wishes. We also help our customers with drawing funds from the Eco Fund. House Juting actively cooperates with Slovenian banks and also helps our clients obtain loans for their new homes.

Družinska montažna hiša z velikim vrtom


Our most important business partner is the factory TMK Krivaja (Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina). For the past 68 years it has been the largest factory of prefabricated buildings and joinery in this part of Europe. The Krivaja comany’s products have obtained the European technical approval and are being transported to all countries of the European Union. Since 2012, and in addition to all other production, the factory has been equipped with a new, modern Hundegger line. This up-to-date equipment provided flexibility with which they can fulfill the wishes of the most demanding customers.



The quality system is certified by the standard BAS EN ISO 9001: 2000. The quality of the production process and installed materials is supervised by DIBt, a German Construction Institute, certified to assess compliance with ETA’s European technical approval. The obtained certificates not only confirm the quality of the products, but also enhance marketing and construction throughout the European Union.


House Juting offers and provides a comprehensive design service and related consulting in compliance with your desire and needs. We take care of everything from the urban verification of the location and the preparation of the conceptual design of the building to the preparation of all types of projects and technical documentation. Project documentation is being prepared for individual residential buildings, multi-apartment, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as for new constructions, change of use or legalization.

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